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Contains 28 accepted taxa overall.

Family: Rubiaceae
Common Name:bedstraw


Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants
Class Magnoliopsida
Sub Class Asteridae
Order Gentianales
Genus Galium


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Basionym: **
Type: **

** Not applicable or data not available.


Scientific NameCommon Name
Galium album hedge bedstraw
Galium album × G. verum = G. ×pomeranicum Pomeranian bedstraw
Galium aparine cleavers
Galium arvense blue woodruff
Galium asprellum rough bedstraw
Galium boreale northern bedstraw
Galium brevipes short-stalked bedstraw
Galium circaezans forest wild licorice
Galium concinnum shining bedstraw
Galium cruciata common crosswort
Galium kamtschaticum northern wild licorice
Galium labradoricum Labrador bedstraw
Galium lanceolatum lance-leaved wild licorice
Galium obtusum ssp. obtusum blunt-leaved bedstraw
Galium odoratum sweet woodruff
Galium palustre marsh bedstraw
Galium pedemontanum piedmont crosswort
Galium pilosum ssp. pilosum hairy bedstraw
Galium pumilum slender bedstraw
Galium sherardia blue fieldmadder
Galium sylvaticum wood bedstraw
Galium tinctorium southern three-petaled bedstraw
Galium tricornutum corn bedstraw
Galium trifidum ssp. trifidum northern three-petaled bedstraw
Galium triflorum sweet-scented bedstraw
Galium verum  
Galium verum ssp. verum yellow bedstraw
Galium verum ssp. wirtgenii Wirtgen’s bedstraw