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Contains 15 accepted taxa overall.

Family: Polygonaceae
Common Name:knotweed


Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants
Class Magnoliopsida
Sub Class Caryophyllidae
Order Caryophyllales
Genus Polygonum


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Basionym: **
Type: **

** Not applicable or data not available.


Scientific NameCommon Name
Polygonum achoreum Blake’s knotweed
Polygonum articulatum northern jointweed
Polygonum aviculare  
Polygonum aviculare ssp. aviculare common knotweed
Polygonum aviculare ssp. depressum oval-leaved knotweed
Polygonum aviculare ssp. neglectum narrow-leaved knotweed
Polygonum buxiforme American knotweed
Polygonum douglasii Douglas’s knotweed
Polygonum erectum erect knotweed
Polygonum glaucum seabeach knotweed
Polygonum polycnemoides Himalayan knotweed
Polygonum ramosissimum  
Polygonum ramosissimum ssp. prolificum proliferous knotweed
Polygonum ramosissimum ssp. ramosissimum bushy knotweed
Polygonum tenue pleated-leaved knotweed