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Contains 12 accepted taxa overall.

Family: Aspleniaceae
Common Name:spleenwort


Division Pteridophyta - Ferns
Class Filicopsida
Sub Class Polypodiidae
Order Polypodiales
Genus Asplenium


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Basionym: **
Type: **

** Not applicable or data not available.


Scientific NameCommon Name
Asplenium bradleyi Bradley’s spleenwort
Asplenium montanum mountain spleenwort
Asplenium pinnatifidum lobed spleenwort
Asplenium platyneuron ebony spleenwort
Asplenium platyneuron × A. rhizophyllum = A. ×ebenoides Scott’s spleenwort
Asplenium rhizophyllum walking fern
Asplenium ruta-muraria wall rue
Asplenium scolopendrium var. americanum American hart’s tongue fern
Asplenium trichomanes  
Asplenium trichomanes ssp. quadrivalens tetraploid maidenhair spleenwort
Asplenium trichomanes ssp. trichomanes diploid maidenhair spleenwort
Asplenium viride green spleenwort